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Hi, welcome to the Widget - Quotes of celebrities testing family

Widget Quotes is here to show you amazing and enlightening quotes of celebrities on the Android platform. The legendary and bottomless Fortune database from Unix people was used as a source of quotes. You will find here not only the statements of famous and famous personalities, but also various other funny slogans, puns, hints, and many more. The widget currently offers configuration recitation of quotation by speech synthesis automatic change of quotation from 10 to 1440 minutes automatic language detection depending on device language change the font color of the widget change the background color of the widget change the transparency level of the widget display the author of the quote in the text in the widget or display the author of the quote in the floating bar when you tap the widget shift quotes either as they are stored or randomly share quote text with any app on your device Have fun! The Quotes language is recognized by the device language. If not supported your mother language, it will used English language. The application supports thousands of citations for the following languages. Czech English Deutsch Slovenčina Italiano François Português Español Hungarian русский язык български език . 、 汉语 、 漢語

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